What Do Users of Judge McGuire’s ADR Services Have to Say?

Judge McGuire has successfully mediated over two hundred cases and arbitrated numerous others. She has the experience and people skills to bring parties together and reach an agreement. See what clients have to say about their experience with Judge McGuire:

Explained the mediation process well. She clearly came to the mediation having received the file and prepared to assist the parties.
(Judge McGuire) developed a firm grasp of the issues and used it to resolve the matter.
Listened to the issues and understood the obstacles to a negotiated settlement.
Worked with stubborn parties with lengthy dispute (to reach a resolution).
Listened to the parties and was prepared to address complicated fact patterns.
Easy to talk with—concerned with outcome for both parties.
Patient and steadfast.
She stuck with us.
Very thoughtful and courteous.
Listened to my client’s concerns.
Presented excellent risk analysis of the case.
Focused on real issues.
Listened to both sides. Understood the law.
Forced discussion on issues that were uncomfortable but needed to be discussed.
Persistent in pushing parties to consider the other side.
(D)ogged (in) efforts to get these matters resolved.
Kept everyone talking.
Clearly explained and explored options.
Very practical and persuasive.
Tenaciously pursued an agreement. She did a very good job.
Kept the parties focused. Identified the obstacles to resolution early. Well-prepared and persistent.
Professional, impartial, took charge, narrowed issues.
Settled a case with too many parties and interests to settle outside the process.
Please let me use this as a chance to once again say thank you for your dogged efforts to get these matters resolved.
We are grateful for your time and wisdom and are pleased to have this matter resolved.